Hells Canyon – North America’s Deepest Gorge

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Visit Idaho’s deepest gorge in North America- HELLS CANYON. Take an Idaho Jet Boat Tour with Killgore Adventures in Hells Canyon the # 1 Outdoor Adventure Company in White Bird, Idaho. Visit their website at to see their video of the Wild River Tour in Hells Canyon it is a great overview of North…

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Hells Canyon – Salmon River Jet Boat Loop Tour

Hells Canyon Jet Boat Tours

  The Loop Tour can only be run when the river conditions are at a very specific flow. This usually happens only once or twice a year. The Salmon River conditions must be just right to begin our rare, but exciting Loop Tour! It is two tours in one! This tour starts at Pittsburgh…

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Surprisingly Cold Weather in July!

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  We had surprisingly cold weather this weekend for July! Just like Mother Nature determines what wildlife we see or don’t see each day, we also have no control over the weather. All of our boats are customized to help keep our guests warmer on our tours when it’s cold, and comfortable on…

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Ready for Spring time Hiking……. Try Hells Canyon!

Hells Canyon Jet Boat Tours

Hells Canyon on the Snake River boasts 26 miles of trail alongside the Deepest Gorge in North America. From day hikes to longer overnight hikes – the canyon provides breathtaking panoramic views of the rugged peaks and the Snake River below. Springtime is the perfect time to hike in Hells Canyon…

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Things To Do In Idaho

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Visiting Hells Canyon on your Idaho Vacation will be a day you will long remember. Hells Canyon is the deepest gorge in North America, deeper than the Grand Canyon.  A Jet Boat will take you on a six our tour through the deepest most rugged part of the canyon. You will see wildlife, visit the Historical…

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Insider Tips on Steelhead Fishing on the Salmon River

Hells Canyon Fishing

Steelhead season is just getting started here in Central Idaho. Word on the river is: patience is key! October 1st is usually the start of “good” steelhead fishing however, the water has been so warm this year that we are anticipating the fishing to get GREAT a bit later in the season, once the water…

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2016 Hells Canyon ATV UTV Ride n’ Rodeo

Idaho ATV Rides

It’s fall and we’re already getting excited for our Memorial Day 2016 ATV and UTV ride and rodeo weekend! We’ll be doing two rides a day on Saturday and Sunday. The first one is 78 miles round trips and takes you up the scenic Salmon River to Deer Creek Road and down into Kirkwood Ranch…

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Vacation Must See’s: Hells Canyon, Glacier National Park and Yellowstone

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A favorite among vacationers is the Hells Canyon, Glacier National Park and Yellowstone “Loop”. Hitting the top three destinations in the Pacific Northwest all at once. The American West has been captivating men from the beginning of times From the tall winds blowing on the prairie down into deepest gorges – life seems to be…

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Hells Canyon Wild River Bucket List Adventure

Hells Canyon Jet Boat Tours

  Killgore Adventures has learned from their guests that the Wild River Jet Boat Tour through Hells Canyon’s deepest part, has been on several of their guests bucket list for years. This year as many as 11 couples have been able to cross off “Hells Canyon Wild River Jet Boat Tour” from their Bucket List….

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Scenic Photography Tour June 21st

Hells Canyon Jet Boat Tours

           I hope many of you photographers will join me two weeks from    today,  June 21st, on a Photographers Jet Boat Tour of the wild and scenic  portion of  the Snake River in Hells Canyon with outfitter Killgore  Adventures.

          The wild and scenic…

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