Adventure of Hells Canyon

Our Wild River Jet Boat Tour you will experience a full day (6hrs), blasting through epic whitewater, seeing rare wildlife and some of the best views you will ever see

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$197 A Person

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Why Us?

We’re an adventure company that offers Jet Boat Tours and Fishing Tours in the Famous Hells Canyon Idaho which the Snake River Runs through

Killgore Adventures


$197 Per Person

Killgore Adventures


Lots of rare wildlife most people never see

Killgore Adventures

Deepest Canyon

Hells Canyon is even, deeper than the grand canyon

Killgore Adventures

Historic sites

View The History Hells Canyon dam as well as many other

Killgore Adventures

100% safe

You are always protected during tour

Killgore Adventures

Free lunch

Get delicious lunch and ice cold drinks for free

Killgore Adventures

ANY age

Everyone in the family will be blown away by our tour

Killgore Adventures

Flexible date

You don’t need to know the date when you give us a call

Killgore Adventures


The jorney includes plenty restrooms stops

Killgore Adventures


Take a swim in Hells Canyon on a private sandy beach

Killgore Adventures


You will not forget the experiences you will get in the Hells Canyon

Killgore Adventures

Friendly staff

All our employees will always greet you with a smile

Bring Your Family of ALL ages

Want to know what you are in for? Watch our video photos!

Bring The Family

The tour includes stops at the many historical and scenic sites like Kirkwood Ranch

Bring The Family

The tour includes a stop at the end of the day for a swim on a private sandy beach. THE KIDS LOVE THIS!

Don’t just take our word for it

See what others have said about us

Wonderful Birthday Trip!

This trip was one of the most awesome things we've ever done! We did the full day whitewater trip into Hell's Canyon on the Snake River because my husband had always wanted to do it and as luck would have it, we ended up going on his birthday! Killgore Adventures went the extra mile to have a surprise birthday cake at the end of the trip for him! Kirk and Russell were wonderful guides and there was never a time we didn't feel safe. It was a great day!

Awesome trip!

Terrific & exciting trip on a jet boat through Hells Canyon on the Snake River! Went in the fall, so the rapids were maybe not quite as good as in the spring/summer, but still very exciting & got just a little wet! The guide was very knowledgeable & told us lots of history about the area, plus he knew just how to maneuver the boat to go through the rapids & make it exciting! I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who is just a little bit adventurous

Kilgore rocks

My family of four had a great day on the river. (Kids are 10 and 11) Educational and exciting at the same time. Our experienced captain navigated the river like a stunt man! We also saw a mama black bear and her cub. All around it was a great trip

Awesome trip!!

My parents, twin brother, and I had a wonderful experience. The scenery was unparalleled. The boat ride was thrills-a-plenty. We saw bears along the river, something we really hoped to see on the trip. We witnessed a family on a charter fishing vessel pull an 8-ft sturgeon from the river. The logistics and accommodation on the boat were appropriate for my parents, who are getting up there in age (high 70's to low 80's). The length of the trip was also appropriate for them. Exactly as advertised, and worth the money! A must-do for anyone visiting the central Idaho area

You Might Be Wondering

If you still have a question you can allways call

Isn't it hot in the summer days on the boat?

All of our boats are covered for a reason. During the summer months we will make sure everyone gets wet (unless you don't want to). Plus all of our sides and front of the boat are open for a nice airflow even on those 100+ degree days

I can't do this trip because I am disabled or can't walk well

Yes, you can! Kurt will help you in the boat. Kurt and his deckhand will personally help you in the boat and make you comfortable. We do it all the time! We lift wheelchairs in and out of the jet boat regularly. This trip is for EVERYONE!

Oh great. I'm gonna be stuck on a boat and there aren't any rest stops

FALSE! There are frequent bathroom breaks on the trip (four total). AND if there is an emergency... Kurt and the crew is very understanding of people's needs and he will "magically spot a bar" if an emergency restroom break is needed and you can slip off to the back of the boat and go

Am i safe going through class 4 and 5 rapids on a jet boat?

Kurt and staff is Coast Guard certified and has driven this section of the river more than any human in history. He has a 100% safety record...except for that one guy. We won't talk about him right now... just kidding

Is 6 hours in Hells Canyon on a boat going to be too long or too short?

No, after years of doing this we have found that this is the perfect amount of time to be in Hells Canyon - you don't want to be on the boat for longer when it's hot but you don't want to miss all of the good parts by cutting the trip short. You want to see the deepest most rugged part of Hells Canyon in the least amount of time possible. There's plenty of shade, drinks & restrooms to keep you comfortable, and ton of action and wildlife to keep you entertained

Am I going to be jammed in the boat?

No, we have a ton of window seating on our jet boats. Our boats are certified to fit 50 people per ride and we LIMIT it to 38 to ensure comfortable rides for everyone

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