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      Here are a few places we recommend to stay if you're looking for a place to stay that is within the area. Below are a list of Hotels, Resorts Bungalows and campgrounds.

      White Bird/Riggins, ID Area

      1. Salmon Rapids Lodge in Riggins (Riggins, ID) 35mins away 208-628-2743
      2. Swiftwater RV Park (White Bird, ID) 5mins away 208-839-2700
      3. Steelhead inn (Lucille, ID) 25mins away 208-628-4279
      4. Salmon River Resorts (White Bird, ID) 5mins Away 208-839-9990

      McCall, ID Area (1.0hrs away)

      1. Hotel McCall
      2. Brundage Bungalows
      3. Shore Lodge McCall
      4. Best Western Plus
      5. Holiday In Express

      Donnelly/Cascade, ID Area (1.5hrs away)

      1. Tamarack Resort (Donnelly)
      2. Amanita Campgrounds (Donnelly)
      3. Buttercup Campground (Donnelly)
      4. Curlew Campground (Cascade)
      5. West Mountain Campgrounds (Cascade)

      Grangeville, ID (45mins away)

      1. Super 8 (801 W South 1st St, Grangeville, ID 83530) (208) 983-1002

      If you find any hotels, resorts or campgrounds that you think our customers would enjoy, please reach out to us :)