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Tour Comparisons

“What makes our Tours different or Unique??”

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First, we would like to say, all Tour Operators in Hells Canyon provide great tours. Each one is somewhat different than the others in time schedules, length of trip, etc, but one thing they all have in common is they are all very qualified, capable and provide a trip you will fully enjoy….

In helping decide which tour is right for your particular family and itinerary, we provide the following helpful information about our tours at Killgore Adventures:

Killgore Adventures provides one main Tour.. “The Wild River Tour” which starts in the Center of Hells Canyon and goes all the way to the Dam.

We depart from Pittsburg Landing Marina. On week days the departure time is 9:00 am and on week ends departure time is 10:00 am . June through August tours are six hours in duration.   Spring and fall tours are a bit shorter because we usually do not swim due to the temperature of the river.

Our riverside Lodging, RV Park, and office facilities are located one mile from the town of White Bird, Idaho on the Salmon River, and just 17 miles from the Marina. We have shuttle services available for our guests.

Our slogan is ” See the Best of Hells Canyon in the Least Amount of Time”. The reason we find this slogan fitting is because our guests start and end their tour right in the heart of Hells Canyon, providing all the scenic enjoyment, wildlife viewing and wild river rapids during the 100% of the jet boat tour. Other tour boat operators depart from Lewiston Idaho. From Lewiston, your tour includes 42 miles of Snake River reservoir before you arrive at the Gateway to Hells Canyon National Recreation Area AND the most scenic part of the river. [FYI: See our Printable Tour Map] That makes for a much longer ride, and a shorter Hells Canyon experience. On your return to Lewiston, you pass back through the 42 miles of Snake River Reservoir. Thats almost 2 hours of tour outside of the area considered as “The Best of Hells Canyon”.

The Wild River Section has the steeper towering rock walls, the deepest part, the biggest, most thrilling rapids, and more wildlife in a more primitive setting. The 65 mile round trip takes you through the entire Wild River section. In the Summer, it is quite common to see bears in the Wild section along with numerous other wildlife and birds.

Other notable attributes of our tours are as follows:

  • Killgore Adventures is a locally owned tour outfitter.  The Killgore family has been in the area for more than 100 years! 
  • Perfect safety record
  • Friendly, knowledgeable, Coast Guard Certified Captains
  • Un-hurried, this is your trip. We start together and finish together. You are not joining an existing trip that started elsewhere and doesn’t have time for stops.
  • In addition to our regular stops, we stop for guests to photograph wildlife, scenery, rafters, or sturgeon being caught.
  • Restrooms are available at the Marina, the Museum stop and at the Hells Canyon Dam.

All of our guests have raved about this tour and we know you will too!

We welcome your call or email if you have any question about the information contained above.