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Insider Tips on Steelhead Fishing on the Salmon River

Steelhead season is just getting started here in Central Idaho. Word on the river is: patience is key!

October 1st is usually the start of “good” steelhead fishing however, the water has been so warm this year that we are anticipating the fishing to get GREAT a bit later in the season, once the water cools down.

Mid to late October is the time to go as the river should be cooler by then. We’re just (trying) to wait patiently and checking out our secret spots. We can take you fishing down here in White Bird, Idaho or up in Riggins, we do expeditions in both areas.

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Click here to book a mid to late October or November fishing trip and catch a big one.

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Hells Canyon Steelhead & Salmon Jet Boat Fishing

Degerstrom Oct 2014 fishing tripDegerstrom October 2014 fishing trip Hells Canyon Steelhead & Salmon Jet Boat Fishing near White Bird, Idaho,  is in full swing at Killgore Adventures. Jet Boats are busy at the confluence of the Salmon River and Snake River today with two jet boats and ten fisherman going after the hard fighting Salmon and Steelhead. Guides Homer Brown and Kurt Killgore along with Ryan Whitten are manuvering their boats to where the fish are. They landing over 20 fish today.

Hells Canyon Jet Boat Trout Fishing and Bass Fishing

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Idaho Outfitter, Killgore Adventures Attends Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show

Idaho Outfitter, Killgore Adventures attends Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show in Portland, Oregon Wednesday February 5th through the 9th. Their booth, manned by Captain’s Kurt Killgore and Homer Brown, both from White Bird, Idaho will be showing off their new Tour and fishing video produced by Jack High at  The video will be highlighting Hells Canyon Sturgeon fishing as well as fall Steelhead and Salmon fishing on the Salmon River and Snake River in Hells Canyon. Be sure and stop by their booth if you are in the Portland area this week. The tour and fishing videos can be seen on


Hells Canyon Jet Boat Fishing Special

Killgore Adventures is now offering a SPECIAL PRICING for their Sturgeon, trout and bass fisherman in September. Book a jet boat fishing trip in Hells canyon with us on Mondays through Thursdays in the Scenic Section of Hells Canyon and we will take as few as two persons for $600.00 for 8 hours of great fishing. If you can’t get your own group together to book the boat at the regular price of $1500.00 for up to 8 people, this is a chance to get out on the Snake River in Hells Canyon and do all the catching yourselves. Give us a call today and get the details and see what dates are open for this Special Pricing for our customers.

Hells Canyon Fishing and Tours

Spring is here and the Hells Canyon Tour and Fishing Season has started! Killgore Adventures has taken several fishing trips already this last month and caught several Sturgeon, lots of trout and a boatload of catfish! The water temperature is coming up and the bass fishing will be getting good soon on the Snake River!

It has been absolutely beautiful in Hells Canyon as well as on the Salmon River, the grass is greening up and everything is blooming out. We have Snake River Hells Canyon Wild River Tours going in April and May already. It’s a beautiful time to take a tour with us! Hope to see you soon!


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