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Archives for August 2015

Vacation Must See’s: Hells Canyon, Glacier National Park and Yellowstone

A favorite among vacationers is the Hells Canyon, Glacier National Park and Yellowstone “Loop”. Hitting the top three destinations in the Pacific Northwest all at once.

The American West has been captivating men from the beginning of times From the tall winds blowing on the prairie down into deepest gorges – life seems to be bigger out here, cascading from all the eye reaches.

Park your rv and head into the refreshing water and into another world, untouched by human hands.

Hells Canyon Idaho

Adventure seekers aren’t “left out to dry” so to speak. The 32 mile return trip from the Dam runs through rapids ranging from Class I all the way up to Class V. The boat blasts through the rapids on nature’s own rollercoaster, soaking and delighting those (in certain seats!) on board.

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Don’t worry nature lovers, you get up close and personal views of the wild animals as we cascade through the wilderness preserve – big horn sheep, bears and bald eagles – oh my!


With all the west has to offer, it’s no wonder thousands come each year to vacation. From Glacier National Park to Yellowstone down to the deepest part of Hells Canyon – there’s something for every vacationer here

Hells Canyon Wild River Bucket List Adventure


Killgore Adventures has learned from their guests that the Wild River Jet Boat Tour through Hells Canyon’s deepest part, has been on several of their guests bucket list for years.

This year as many as 11 couples have been able to cross off “Hells Canyon Wild River Jet Boat Tour” from their Bucket List.

Not only did they come from Idaho, but as far away as Texas and Maine to fulfill their dream of experiencing North Americas deepest gorge in Idaho.

Especially enjoyed by the bucket list group of adventurers are the stops at the historical ranch museum and of course, the whitewater rapids.

The light misting of water the Captain sends throughout the boat on the return trip downstream through the class 4 and 5 rapids creates a chant for more rapids and “get us wet again!” They love it!

Also enjoyed by all are the wildlife sightings of Big Horn Sheep, Bald Eagles, and Bears seen often on the tours. And yes, the rave about the gorgeous scenery also.