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Archives for August 2013

Hells Canyon Jet Boat Fishing Special

Killgore Adventures is now offering a SPECIAL PRICING for their Sturgeon, trout and bass fisherman in September. Book a jet boat fishing trip in Hells canyon with us on Mondays through Thursdays in the Scenic Section of Hells Canyon and we will take as few as two persons for $600.00 for 8 hours of great fishing. If you can’t get your own group together to book the boat at the regular price of $1500.00 for up to 8 people, this is a chance to get out on the Snake River in Hells Canyon and do all the catching yourselves. Give us a call today and get the details and see what dates are open for this Special Pricing for our customers.

Hells Canyon Wild River Jet Boat Tour with Killgore Adventures

On Killgore Adventures 6 hour tour you will see the deepest most rugged part of Hells Canyon. Their jet boats will take you through all of the Wild River section and the Natural Preserve area and through all the biggest whitewater rapids in Hells Canyon. Along with stops at the many historical and scenic sites, as well as the wildlife sightings, this tour includes lunch, beverages and a stop for a swim.

Lodging, RV spaces and camping are offered on the Salmon River near White Bird at the Killgore Adventure facility.