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Archives for June 2013

Hells Canyon/Salmon River Special Loop Tour

The Salmon River conditions are just right to begin our rare, but exciting Loop Tour! This tour starts at Pittsburgh Landing on the Snake River in Hells Canyon and loops around to the Salmon River into White Bird, where it ends at Killgore Adventures private beach. See the beautiful and scenic Hells Canyon as well as the Blue Canyon, Snow Hole Canyon and the Green Canyon of the Salmon River. It’s two tours in one!

The Loop Tour can only be run when the river conditions are at a very specific flow. This usually happens only once or twice a year. Don’t miss out! Call or email us for more information! 800-469-8757


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On Your Way to Sturgis, Go To Hell….That is, Hells Canyon…

On your way to or from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, consider stopping in White Bird, Idaho and going on a Hells Canyon Wild River Tour. We have wonderful camping, full RV hookups and a motel right on the Salmon River and we are only 15 miles from the Snake River in Hells Canyon. It would be a great addition to your trip!  Give us a call at 800-469-8757 for more information.


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Come Fishing! Sturgeon, Bass and Trout Fishing on the Salmon River!

These last few days have been amazing fishing here on the Salmon River. We’ve had several groups out catching huge sturgeon, piles of bass and some big trout!!  Our Salmon River trips are $250/person, with only a two-person minimum. Come fishing with us!!

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