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Archives for October 2012

Steelhead Fly Fishing at White Bird on the Salmoin River

Debbee Trent and friends have been keeping their flies in the water diligently the past week and it is paying off. Debbee hooked 4 Steelhead and landed one, Al Emerick enticed two onto his fly at the mouth of White Bird Creek and landed one, Fran Noal came over from the Clearwater and hooked three and landed one wild one. Pam Harris hooked six and landed 2, and Jim Harris hooked four and landed two. Fran says the fishing is better on the Salmon River now. They all commented that the river is lower and clearer than they have seen the river before.
This group of friends travel to Killgore Adventures RV Park every year to fly fish for steelhead, ” Spey style”  ( Spey fishing you use a larger rod and cast with two hands) Killgore Adventures jet boats can transport fly fisherman to the roadless sections of the lower Salmon River and in Hells Canyon for some superb fly fishing.

Salmon River RV Park and Lodging accommodations

RV Park and Motel accommodations for your hunting and fishing adventures this fall are convieniently located on the Salmon River near White Bird. This riverside location is just 10 minutes from the National Forest Lands for big game hunting and chukar hunting. The Snake River in Hells Canyon is 17 miles from Killgore Adventures headquarters. Steelhead fishing has been great the past few days and there are a lot of chukars this year due to the dry weather. Trout fishing in Hells Canyon has been excellant. Jet Boat transports are available for chukar hunting as well as jet boat fishing charters on the Salmon River and in Hells Canyon on the Snake River.

Steelhead fishing and Chukar hunting Hells Canyon and Salmon River

Steelhead, and trout fishing have been very productive for Killgore Adventures jet boat fishing trips the past few days. Yesterdays trip boated 30 trout from 15 inches to 191/2 inches. The previous day both Salmon and steelhead were caught at the confluence of the Salmon River and the Snake River in Hells Canyon. While catching fish, the chukars provided the inticing sounds to bring the shot guns on their next fishing trip. The dry weather has made for an abundance of chukars on the banks of the Salmon River and in Hells Canyon on the Snake River.