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Archives for February 2011

Hells Canyon Wild River Tours & Guided Fishing Trips

Hells Canyon National Recreation Area in Idaho has a wide variety of fun outdoor activites for everyone!  Hop on our Hells Canyon Wild River Jet Boat Tour and we will take you through the deepest, most rugged part of Hells Canyon, North America’s Deepest Gorge, to the Hells Canyon Dam & Visitors Center.  You will enjoy big, exciting whitewater rapids, a Historical Museum and Cabin, and a swim at a nice, sandy beach.  Hells Canyon is a great place to see a variety of wildlife such as bears, big horned sheep, deer, elk, and Bald Eagles!  You can also join us on the beautiful Snake River on one of our guided fishing trips!  If you love being on the river, Hells Canyon is the place to be!  Call Killgore Adventures today for a Hells Canyon trip you will never forget!  800 469 8757

Backpacking and hiking in Hells Canyon along the Snake River

Love to hike, backpack or campout? Hells Canyon is the place to go. If you need to be dropped off or picked up at a destination, Killgore Adventures in White Bird, Idaho can accommodate you with their comfortable jet boats! Enjoy a few days camping out in Hells Canyon, North America’s Deepest Gorge, where you will hike down a great trail that takes you right along the beautiful Snake River! You will see a variety of wildilfe such as elk, deer, big horned sheep, and Bald Eagles. Spring is a great time to take photographs with the grass turning green and elk herds feeding down the by the Snake River. Call us today if you need to be dropped off or picked up for your backpacking experience in Hells Canyon! 800 469 8757